Milk and some other food allergies can go away with time.  But peanut allergy seems to last a lifetime and it can be severe, taking people to an Emergency Room.  That’s why there’s been so much of an effort to try to prevent it.

Breastfeeding has been associated with higher IQs and other measures of cognitive and developmental abilities, but the studies were often dismissed because breastfeeding and IQs also parallel social, cultural and occupational differences. In other words, who's to say that breastfeeding made Johnny smarter when it could have been that his parents were also better educated and wealthier than Jimmy's and therefore they could have provided other advantages to increase his scholastic performance.

There are multiple ways to introduce solids as we've pointed out.  Dr Marc Tannenbaum, a concierge pediatrician in Atlanta, offers his view and what he recommends.  With pediatricians trying to maximize the use of breast milk and at the same time, trying to prevent allergies and obesity, Dr.Tannenbaum's approach is an alternative one to consider -- Dr. Stan