The online publication of our study1 has just occurred, so now I can share these exciting results with everyone. Please remember though that this was a pilot (or preliminary) study with just a few patients and with very strict guidelines, so we have to be careful about how we interpret the results. But nonetheless, the results were beyond our expectations.

Other Nutrition4kids blogposts have reviewed some of the latest and most significant medical and nutritional research that moves our thinking forward and asks -- as well as answers -- new questions. What's the best way to exercise in order to lose weight?  How much Vitamin D does a baby need?  And if he's breastfed, how much can the mother provide?  And of course, the list goes on into every area of medicine and nutrition.

For patients with IBD, the role of a good diet has been on replacing or supplementing nutrients that may not be absorbed because of intestinal swelling (as discussed in our blogpost on nutrition for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).  Additional goals included promoting growth in the children and supporting the good health of patients with IBD.