Healthy Infant

You as parents are sometimes puzzled about how and what to feed your baby--even before the baby is born. Not surprising. Your doctors will give you advice, but then so will your parents ("you didn't do so badly, did you?" they'll remind you) and your neighbors and your friends and lots of mommyblogs. That's great when they all say the same thing, like breastfeeding is best. But what happens if you don't feel breastfeeding is going to work for you or if your friends, relatives, doctors and favorite sites say different things? You may have lots of questions about:

  • Breastfeeding and the best ways to make sure your baby's full or what foods and medicines you should avoid, for example <<links for each of these, or drop downs>>
  • Infant formulas, like which one to use and how to cut cost?
  • When and how to introduce baby foods and those from the table?
  • What should you do if your baby has colic or constipation or other problems?
  • Can you lessen the possibility of developing allergies?
  • All sorts of other issues

For good reason, you've come to We have

  • Up-to-date articles and blogs on these topics and many more
  • Reliable, easily understood information and tables
  • Alerts that can tell you when there is more information on the topics you're interested in
  • Medical Advisory Board of some of the best known nutrition experts in the world
  • The ability to ask your questions--and get useful answers
  • The opportunity to have your own proud pinboard
  • The opportunity to connect to families like yours, sharing concerns and useful tips

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