Woman blending home brew for extra nutrition

Many children just aren't able to eat all that they need and so their nutrition suffers. This is particularly true for children with developmental delays.

Obviously, children who require a tube to be fed need more help than with just the tube and the feeding. They have their underlying problems. and it sometimes takes the parents and caregivers a while to be comfortable with all that means emotionally and with doing the work of caring for the child.

It's not easy in any aspect.

enteral nutrition syringe

When foods can be eaten safely, tube feedings may merely supplement the child's own nutrition. The caregivers can continue to feed the child actively. This dual feeding method (by mouth and when needed, by tube) provides the child, parents and caregivers great satisfaction. Mealtimes improve because there is no longer any worry about what's consumed. The need to force down medication or nourishment is now replaced by using the tube.